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GIRLS WHO CODE IS CHANGING THE GAME We're reaching girls around the world and are on track to close the gender gap in new entry-level tech jobs by 2030.At Code First Girls, we are on a mission to transform tech. We are 1000% focused on eliminating the diversity gap in tech by providing free education and economic opportunities to women and non-binaries globally. It’s an exciting ride to be able to change the world, and we’ve got mega plans to help make it all happen and would love to hear from anyone who would like to join us on our journey! Not only are we a super-fun bunch (if we do say so ourselves), we work with some incredible companies, partners, and of course, our CFG community members.

Girls Who Code has worked with legislators to close the gender gap in tech in K-12 classrooms. Our Policy Agenda outlines four recommendations designed to increase girls participation in computer science.

First Artificial Intelligence and robotics lab, works on community outreach and research with the focus of tech education and entrepreneurship . The projects at Girls Can Code Liberia are aimed at decentralizing, democratizing and equipping kids and youth with the necessary skills to innovate and create utilizing emerging technologies.

We must continue to shrink the diversity gap in tech. Be a part of the solution and help teach women a range of skills to be able to pursue a tech career pathway. Even better, hire these amazing and talented women!

With our community of women actively engaging with brands and looking for job opportunities, you will be well-placed to attract great talent and proactively build your talent pipeline with a range of women in our community.

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