1st Industrial Revolution

18th century through the use of steam power and mechanisation of production for industrial purposes was the greatest.

2nd Industrial Revolution

In the 19th century through the discovery of electricity and assembly line production, the introduction of these technologies

3rd Industrial Revolution

In the ’70s in the 20th century through partial automation using memory-programmable controls and computers.

4th Industrial Revolution

The application of information and communication technologies to industry and is also known as "Industry 4.0"

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The main difference between innovation and entrepreneurship is that innovation involves introducing something new. This can be a new business model, product, idea, or service. On the other hand, entrepreneurship involves turning a great idea into a business opportunity.

Entrepreneurship is the willingness of an individual or group of people to take risks and organize or develop business opportunities from ideas in an ever-evolving market.

Innovation is a new idea, method, strategy, or the act of introducing something new. This can be a business model, idea, service, or process. For example, introducing a new technology that can reduce the rate of electricity consumption is an innovation.

Risk Taking


In converting an idea into a business opportunity, risk-taking cannot be avoided. Risk-taking is a key factor in entrepreneurship, long term focusing

Risk Taking


In innovation, there is no major risk involved. Innovations can be new business or any form of a new idea. However, it does not have to mean totally new



Entrepreneurship has long durability, which adds and improves the value of the opportunity created. Successful entrepreneurship is always a result of risk-taking, etc



Innovation generally has a short durability. The sources of innovation are new markets, new knowledge, technological changes, economic changes, new opportunitiesetc.



Entrepreneurs fail, rethink and work hard to make the venture more successful.


Entrepreneurs need skills like planning, leading, managing, and decision-making. Entrepreneurs take risks, work hard, and are committed to achieving success in their business.


Entrepreneurship is the process of making innovation a business opportunity.



Innovators lose interest after the idea stage and any where after proof of concept


Innovators have a passion for inquiry, and experiment with innovative thinking. These factors make a person think of new business processes, services, and products


Innovation is the outcome of innovative thinking and creativity as well

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution-SandBox Lab

We help stakeholders harness the full potential of technological progress for the equitable and human-centered transformation of industries, economies and societies. Charles Darwin famously said, β€œIn the long history of humankind (and animal kind), those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” While Charles Darwin was known for his scientific prowess and creating the theory of evolution, his insights still apply to industries beyond science. In fact, the process of natural selection Darwin discovered is applicable to the brutal competition that exists within the modern-day business.

Improvisation and collaboration might not be the first characteristics you think of when it comes to modern business and the corporate world, but as technology advances the industry, the old ways of doing business are dying off. More and more companies are looking for the newest methods and creative ideas to take their company as far as it can go.

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Innovation & Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances commensurate with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions.

Education4.0 Now 4Years

Education Skills, Learning & 4IR

Here's why education systems need to start taking a 'skills-first' approach. Teaching through real-world challenges is more effective – and more fun. Business leaders, governments and educators need to work together to innovate and scale opportunities for children to nurture these abilities and skills as well as values and attitudes from an early age. Governments, Educators, Business and Parents should support the transistion

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Gender ICT Gap 4 Years

Domestic Jobs & The 4IR

Domestic chores could be done by robots 40% of the time within a decade - new study. Based on a list of 17 common domestic tasks, a panel of AI experts estimate that an average of 39% of the time spent per task could be automated within 10 years. And within five years, over a quarter of time spent could be automated. In fact, domestic service robots - mainly robotic vacuum cleaners and mops - have already become the most widely used

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Mr. Khan 10 seats 4 Years

Digital Marketing

Marketing automation software is a technology that manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels, automatically. With marketing automation tools, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, and text.

Marketing automation uses software to automate monotonous marketing work. Marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks

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Mr. Khan 10 seats 4 Years

Ecommerce 4.0 & Multiple Channels

E-commerce also known as electronic trade or web business, alludes to the purchasing and selling of products or administrations utilising the web, and the exchange of cash and information to execute these transactions. E-commerce platform put forward a manageable medium to swiftly launch an online store without the disturbance over servers and development costs and market coverage

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Collaboration is key to tackling the big issues that we are grappling with in modern society. Those employers that use technology benefits as a force for good will thrive and attract the best talent.

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communicate the importance of Education 4.0 skills to teachers and parents. invest in technology that supports skill development

Recent Blog

Tech startups create products for various business sectors. They have received a powerful impetus in medicine, finance, banking, and education. The task of such a startup is to build up its value, create a new product and generate demand for it and ensure high company value in the future.

26 September 2022

Gbarnga City Municipal Taxes Go Digital First in Liberia

Overall, the move toward digital municipal taxes in Gbarnga City is a positive step that can lead to increased efficiency, transparency, and compliance in tax collection, benefiting both the local government and the residents..

01 March 2023

Township of Barnersville Municipal Goes Digital

In Partnership with CitiTrust Bank, Loan & Saving, SellPay Inc has met the Central Bank of Liberia Financial Services Regulation, had adapted for use SellPay App for Loan Repayment. Businesses in teh Township wiill benefit

26 June 2019

SellPay Inc To Support Ydigital

A comprehensive digital platform designed to empower by streamlining their operations, enhancing their outreach, and fostering meaningful connections with their target audience, can greatly benefit to the mission and objectives.

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